Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jewelry: MooMoo Designs

Southern Designer Collections Showcase: May 25 @ Openhouse Gallery, New York, NY

I paid a visit to Southern Designer Collections; a one day event showcasing Southern designers.  A lot of the designs, I noticed, were eco-friendly.  All of them were high-end yet functional.  Over the next several pieces, I'll be featuring some of the designers.

In this piece, we're featuring MooMoo Designs.

MooMoo Designs is Atlanta based and offers a wholesale line of women's jewelry, handbags, home accessories and gifts.  

The company unveiled their 2011 Fall/Winter jewelry collection earlier this month.  But, I got my up close look at the collection yesterday and they are beautiful pieces.  

Designer Juan Hernandez uses all organic material.  He makes liberal use of horn, bone and hides that come from by-products of the food and farm industry.  He also makes use of minerals.  The warm tones of the jewelry are glamorous, edgy and showcase just how beautiful nature is.  Upon first look, I thought some of the pieces were made of stones.  I was surprised that the highly polished pieces were actually bone and horn.  

This is a line you'll fall in love with if you like unique and bold natural beauty.

Bone and mineral rings by MooMoo Designs

Bone ring by MooMoo Designs

These unique geometric rings make bold statements. They're fun, funky personality pieces.

Studded bone bracelet by MooMoo Designs

Bone bracelet by MooMoo Designs

The above bracelet, I fell in love with.  Sadly, it didn't get to come home with me.

Designer Juan Hernandez of MooMoo Designs