Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jewelry: Amy Bubes Jewelry

Southern Designer Collections Showcase: May 25 @ Openhouse Gallery, New York, NY

In this piece, we're featuring Amy Bubes Jewelry.

Atlanta based designer Amy Bubes launched her line of jewelry in early 2009.  In that time she has produced some distinctive, classic, fun and easy to wear pieces.

Bubes uses Argentium silver, a silver that's more pure and more tarnish resistant than sterling.  Her line caught my eye because it was bold, but not overwhelming or bulky, yet still manages to maintain elegant simplicity.

I'm a big fan of rings and keep one on my finger at all times.  And, Bubes' rings caught my eyes.  I tried on a couple to see how they felt.  They were lightweight but not in a chintzy way.  You can definitely feel the silver on your hand.  I fell in love with one ring in particular, the 5 band stacked ribbon ring.  The ring consists of five twisted silver bands soldered together.  As a big ring lover, one of the first things that runs through my mind when I see a ring of size is, "will it be comfortable?"  Being a rather humid day, my hands were a bit puffy as they tend to be in the summer months.  I admit, I'm one of those people who has summer rings and winter rings.  I slid the ring on which, happened to be a perfect fit and it was extremely comfortable!  It didn't rub against my other fingers in that weird annoying way (as big rings often do) that makes you wish for some sort of cushion between it and your other fingers. It's also not something that's going to get in the way of reaching your hand into the pocket of your extra tight skinny jeans.  It is simply, a fun and easy ring to wear.

While I'm a fan of big rings, I don't generally like big earrings.  They're either too heavy, move too much and or annoy me by banging against my neck.  But, Amy Bubes may well have converted me!  Her silver ribbon hoop earrings are terrific!  They're light, but not so light that you're constantly checking your ear to see if you've lost them.  I spent the day wearing a pair.  Movement is minimal and not once did they bang against my neck.  Needless to say, I'm very pleasantly surprised to have found a pair of larger size hoop earrings that I can comfortably wear.

This is a line for people who like simple, pretty, elegant and classic pieces that are easy to wear.  They are pieces that work dressed up or dressed down.  Yes, they're high fashion, but this isn't a flavor of the month line that you'll toss aside when the next flavor comes along.  You'll find yourself returning to these pieces for years to come.

New Yorkers can find Amy Bubes Jewelry at Fragments in Soho.  Check the Amy Bubes Jewelry website for locations near you.

Necklaces with diamond accents by Amy Bubes Jewelry

Bracelets by Amy Bubes Jewelry

Rings by Amy Bubes Jewelry

Necklace with diamond bands by Amy Bubes Jewelry

Oxidized silver bangle bracelets by Amy Bubes Jewelry

Five band stacked ribbon ring by Amy Bubes Jewelry (press image)