Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flowers: In Memory

This evening I spent some time away from my computer.  I do that from time to time so it's not odd.  Normally, when I log back on, the only thing awaiting me is a backlog of email.  This evening was different.  This evening, I logged on and the first thing I see is that I've lost a childhood friend, Loretta.  

Loretta was a warm person with a naturally gentle disposition.  She was just one of those really nice people that you liked.  I have many fond memories and I smile thinking of them now.  

Though I haven't seen her in years, we reconnected on Facebook.  About a week or so ago, I thought about her.  I hadn't seen any status updates from her.  I thought to myself, I should drop her a line.  Sadly, I never did. 

I sat here going through my photos, looking for one perfect flower, one perfect flower for one dear lady.  Rest in peace Loretta.  You are missed.