Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fashion Photography: Black & White

Model: Steph Rai l Designer: DUROSEAu l MUA: Meg Hoyt

This is another shot from the fashion photography workshop I participated in.  When I started out, I wanted stark, edgy black and white photos.  Some of the fashions and makeup screamed for that treatment and frankly, that's the kind of image that appeals to me as a viewer.  Being my first foray into fashion photography and working with models, I wasn't sure if what was in my head was going to translate to my images.

All of the models were beautiful and I got some lovely shots.  I'm still sorting and processing images.  But, as I get deeper into the processing side of things, I've discovered that my camera really took to Rai who is pictured above.  This photo was taken while she was waiting for the next photographer to take over.  I cropped it close and made it a darkish black and white shot.  I think it's both dramatic and romantic.  When I look at this photo, I can envision her walking along a cobblestone street in the rain on her way to a little French cafe.  This was the kind of image I saw in my head when I began the workshop.