Thursday, March 22, 2012

From The Passenger Seat: Bridge & Fog

I've become fascinated with fog lately.  However, I have yet to achieve what I see in my head on a photograph.  That being said, I had my camera out in the dark of night trying to capture fog while in a moving car.  I have to say my patience wasn't what it needed to be and with my lens hunting far too much for my liking, I found myself rather frustrated.  To add to the madness, soft focus!  I didn't think I'd find one image that I'd want to drag into post.  It turns out there were a few!  This is my favorite at the moment.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Camera Phone Chronicles: Summer

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and the majority of them have cameras on them.  Mine is no different. It's nothing fancy and is by no means high quality.  In fact, since it has no flash, it's pretty crappy unless you have a fair amount of light.  But, I still find myself pulling it out from time to time and snapping a few pictures.  I was clearing the memory card on my phone and came across some photos from this past summer.  I did discover what looks good on the tiny phone screen doesn't always look so good full-size, ahem, clouds!

The Beach - Coney Island, NY
Newport Folk Festival - Newport, RI
Clouds Over Fort Adams - Newport, RI

Friday, March 16, 2012

Concert Photography: The Wild Deer

Sometimes when you're taking photos, things don't turn out exactly the way you want them too. With concert photography you have to deal with changing and or bad lighting, moving musicians and being bumped into by fellow audience members.  And, sometimes you just have a bad night. The below photo covers all of that!  Yet, I like it.  Let's just call it an "anti-focus" shot ... sounds more artistic and makes my ego feel better!

Matt Kelly of The Wild Deer (more photos HERE)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

From The Passenger Seat: Alleyway

This is one of those images I didn't think would turn out well.  I knew I wanted to catch a side street, preferably one that looked a little seedy but there were no seedy alleyways along that particular stretch of street.  Not only that, being late afternoon, many of the side streets had already grown dark and I was in a moving car.  Sure enough, the image came out dark but with a little exposure tweaking as well as conversion to b&w, I find myself rather happy with the photo.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

From The Passenger Seat: Buildings

In New York, I normally ride the subway.  Once in a while I travel above ground.  On these occasions I like to take my camera with me.  Call me kooky but, I happen to like trying to see if I can get non-blurry photos from a moving car.  Anyway, I took this photo through the passenger window during one of those above ground excursions. Each time I ride past these two buildings, my attention is grabbed.  Every time I see them, I think to myself, 'these two buildings don't look like they belong on the same street let alone next to each other.'  I originally envisioned this photo in b&w but during post, I realized I liked it better in color so I did it both ways.  There's just something about the shadows and reflections the window causes that makes me really like this photo.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pipe Organ

I like photographing music instruments.  When I see an instrument at a concert just sitting there all alone, waiting for its person to play it, I always take a photo of it.  I have several photos of guitars, keyboards, pianos and drums in my collection. Normally, I don't have occasion to photograph instruments if I'm not at a concert venue.  

I was going through my photos, re-visiting my work, re-editing and in some cases, editing images for the first time.  I'm sure I'm not alone in picking out what I deem my best at the moment, editing those and filing the rest away to be re-discovered at a later date.  It was in the mist of those filed away images that I came across this photo of a pipe organ that I photographed.  I fiddled around with it and this is the result.

Religious Imagery

Churches and cemeteries tend to be rather popular with photographers.  I've seen some beautiful images over the years but I've never really been interested in creating my own.  However, while searching for something on my hard drive, I realized that I have a handful of photos of the religious imagery variety.