Monday, June 6, 2011

Jewelry: Mickey Lynn Jewelry

Southern Designer Collections Showcase: May 25 @ Openhouse Gallery, New York, NY
In this piece, we're featuring Mickey Lynn Jewelry.
Since I'm drawn to jewelry, the first table that caught my eye was that of Atlanta based jeweler Mickey Lynn
I walked in and there at the table to my left was a whole table of sparkly pretties!  The collection on display that day was jewelry mainly made of mineral stones and some adorable charms.  Lynn's pieces were all very feminine and a bit flirty.  The pieces work dressed up (that all important little black dress) or dressed down (jeans and tee-shirt) and are a must for the fashion chic flirty gal.  But, they're also perfect for a bohemian chic sort of gal who likes natural materials.  I love versatility!
Not being a wearer of big dangly earrings, I sadly had to pass up most of that side of the collection.  But, I did happen upon a small set of drop earrings made of agate and (if I'm remembering what Lynn's partner Seth Shindeldecker told me correctly) reclaimed gold. They're comfortable, lightweight and very easy to wear.  They're the kind of earring that you put in and forget you're wearing because of their comfort; you forget until someone mentions how pretty your earrings are! 
If you're in New York, Mickey Lynn Jewelry can be found at Arcadia and Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan and at Catbird in Brooklyn.  Check their website for locations in other parts of New York and the rest of the country.

Earrings by Mickey Lynn Jewelry (press image)

Necklaces by Mickey Lynn Jewelry (stock image)

Bracelets by Mickey Lynn Jewelry (press image) 

Though I didn't come home with one of these bracelets, I'd love to add one and the blow ring to my collection!

Ring by Mickey Lynn Jewelry

Bracelets by Mickey Lynn Jewelry