Thursday, June 16, 2011

Concert Photography: Kate Young & Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor & Kate Young performing with Adam Taylor
More photos HERE 
Tuesday night, I went down to Mercury Lounge to catch Adam Taylor and his band play.  It was a fun show.  It however was a horrible night of photography for me.  But hey, we all have off days.  As I was processing the images seeing what I could salvage, I realized that a good deal of my issues arose from the overbearing red lighting.  This particular venue is notorious for its red lighting but on Tuesday, it was worse than usual.  It didn't just make things red, it made things a glowing red so at times faces looked iridescent and other times an overblown, pinkish/red radioactive color!  Normally, when things get too red, you can do the common fix of turning it black and white.  That fix didn't work on many of the images!  

Anyway, after walking away thinking everything would be dreadful, I found the fun shot above in the mist of things.  I'm bummed that I didn't get a similar shot of the brothers Taylor though!  I think this happy looking shot reflects how much fun we were all having.