Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Favorite Images: Delta Spirit

Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit at the Newport Folk Festival, July 30, 2011
(More Photos HERE

Some photographs you just like.  There isn't some profound reason as to why you like it; you just like it.  I look at this image and just like it.  Matt Vasquez led Delta Spirit through one hell of a set at the Newport Folk Festival this year.  "THE PEOPLE," who flocked to the Quad Stage to see the band, showed them insane amounts of love.   

Vasquez is an expressive and energetic performer.  So, I suppose it could be considered odd that of all of the photos I took of him during his Delta Spirit set, and his performance the following day with his other band Middle Brother, that this would end up being my favorite.  Hey, I'm quirky that way!

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