Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Favorite Images: Brown Bird

David Lamb of Brown Bird at the Newport Folk Festival

This past Sunday, I was at the Newport Folk Festival.  One of the bands performing that day was Brown Bird.  I was sitting on my knees, on the hard dirt that was sprinkled with worn patches of dried grass, in front of the stage, listening to their warm blend of spirited stomp and clap music while trying to capture a few photos of them.  As I sat there, I was drawn to David Lamb's hand while he was playing the banjo.  My inner voice kept telling me I needed to get a shot of his hand.  I pondered what my inner voice was telling me before realizing why the urge was incessant.  What was that realization?  His hand was three letters short of displaying the word that Brown Bird made their audience feel, welcome.   

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