Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical Review

I was in the market for new eyeglasses and decided to try out a few online retailers. I haven't had new glasses in about ten years though I have had my eyes examined several times over the years. My prescription changed very little and even now is still not much different so I never bothered to get new frames. 

After my last eye exam, I went glasses shopping online. I was able to get several pairs of glasses for less than the one pair of single vision glasses I was retiring. If you're on a budget, just don't want to pay optometrist prices or just like having multiple pairs without spending a fortune, shopping online is a nice option.

This is the first part of my eyeglasses series.

Today we are featuring Zenni Optical. They're an online optical store that offers inexpensive eyeglasses...their frame price starting point is $6.95. As a new customer who signed up for their mailing list, I was able to take advantage of the 10% discount that's offered to first-time customers.

When I was looking at the various online companies I watched video reviews seeing what people thought of the various companies. Some of them were very helpful. Now that I have my glasses in hand, I thought I'd offer my own "review." 

First things first, the prescription in all of the glasses I received were spot on. I know that's a big concern when ordering glasses online.

I wasn't paid to make this video and I have no affiliation with Zenni Optical. This is my opinion of what I purchased.

Check out my video review below. 

These are the frames that are featured in the video:

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