Sunday, August 26, 2012

Historic Sights: Fort Adams

While I was taking in the music at the Newport folk and jazz festivals, I decided to spend a little time exploring the fort itself.  The festivals take place at Fort Adams State Park and the structure screams to be photographed so, that's what I did.

I'm not completely positive but I think the clothespins were left over from the folk festival when a photographer used the room and had some images, probably Polaroid's they had just taken, displayed.

I tried to capture the connected rooms in a sort of infinity way visually.  I think I would have achieved my goal had I used a wider angle lens.  While I like the images, they're just not quite what I saw in my head when I took them.  

At first, I thought this was another image that would have benefited from a wider angle lens ... I would have gotten the whole medallion in the image.  But, I find that I like the portion that was captured and now I'm glad I didn't have a wider angle lens handy.  

I went up to the roof of the fort to get some images and as I was coming down, I became fascinated with the stairs.  They're precarious to walk up and down but there was something about them that I just liked.  I'm afraid of heights so with one hand I'm doing a death grip on the handrail and with the other, I'm snapping the stairs as I'm inching down slower than a snail.  Once I made my way to the bottom, I looked to the left and noticed a gated in bit of the fort that in three years I've never noticed.  Yeah, I know, not very observant  for a photographer!  Anyway, the wall caught my eye and I wanted to get a shot through the bars.  I'm happy to say it, as well as the stair photo, turned out exactly as I saw them in my head.

This is the flag that flies over the fort.  This is one of those photos that I did something that I didn't notice until I started processing my photos.  I took the photo from the back of the flag.  I'm not an overly patriotic person but having the flag appearing to fly backwards bothered me.  So, thanks to my editing software, with the click of a button, I sorted out my photo.

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