Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nature: Dandelion

Weeds, they start rearing their annoying little heads come spring.  As I was sitting at my kitchen table looking out the back door, I thought to myself, I really should make an effort to tend to the lawn.  However, as quickly as that thought popped into my head it left.  Instead, I did the ultimate form of lawn care denial and procrastination.  I embraced it!  I got my camera out and set about trying to make weeds look like art. My effort is below.  All of the dandelions in my yard have lost their little white afros except this one.


Nick said...

Nice shot! I always like photos of Dandylions but, you really should mow the lawn ;)

LaNita said...

You want me to cut down my art?! LOL! It's being taken care of.