Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Concert Photography: The Broadcast

I went to see The Broadcast down at Mercury Lounge earlier this month.  I hadn't done any photography in dark clubs for a few months so I was a bit rusty.  All of the things you know you need to do to photograph in venues with lighting issues came back pretty quickly.  But, at times I felt like what was in my head just wasn't translating to my vision or my camera.  That being said, I had a great deal of fun, heard some great music and captured a couple of photos I enjoy.

More photos HERE

The above photo I think captures the spirit and fun of the show.  Front-woman Caitlin Krisko and percussionist Tyler Housholder boogie together on-stage.

Early into the set, I noticed Krisko's flying hair and decided I had to have a motion shot of her hair.  I got several good hair in motion shots but, what I really wanted was her face in focus while her hair was in motion.  That was a little harder to manage in low and or changing lighting without flash.