Monday, September 12, 2011

Nature: Butterfly Bush

I love the color of the bushes flowers.  But, I was curious to see what the photo would look like in b&w.  I think I prefer the color version but the b&w version isn't bad either.

When I first moved into my new four walled world, I was excited about the plants and trees on the property.  I saw the butterfly bush and thought, oh how pretty.  Well, I'm not all that excited about that blasted bush now.  Oh sure, it's lovely with all of it pretty purple blooms.  But, the previous owners planted the damned thing right by the back gate.  Yes, it looks pretty draped over the back fence but it interferes with walking!  Whenever you walk in or out the back gate, you have to duck down low, really low to avoid it and that's after pruning.  It gets even worse when it rains as the rain weighs it down.  So, beautiful bush, you're less attractive to me now but you make for a lovely picture. 

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