Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer: Coney Island

About a month ago, I was out on Coney Island.  Of course, I had my camera with me!

Parachute Jump, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY - June 18, 2011

I took about a half dozen images of the Parachute Jump trying to translate what I saw in my head to my camera.  I didn't want a wide shot that captured the whole structure nor did want just the top portion.  I couldn't put into words then what I wanted, I just knew I'd know when I found the right angle.  Now I realize that I wanted to give the feeling that I might be climbing up the structure.  Originally, I envisioned the image as black and white.  However, when I sat down to start editing, the image told me it didn't want to lose its color.  I went about trying to figure out what the image wanted and ended up with a high contrast "retro" type image.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY - June 18, 2011

When I took the above image, I knew based on the skull, that I wanted the image to be rather dark and gloomy looking.  I wanted it to look ominous.  I wanted to give the feeling that if you got into one of those buckets, you would mysteriously vanish.  I don't know how well I captured that but that's what I was after.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY - June 18, 2011

I've been fascinated by retro imagery for a while now.  I gave it a try with a Holga and well, that experiment didn't turn out well at all!  So, I've settled on using editing software to make my digital images look old.  I of course need some practice.  I envisioned this image as an old postcard.  A part of me wants to flip it over and read about Aunt Birdie's Coney Island wish you were here vacation.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY - June 18, 2011

I love black and white photography.  But, I often find it difficult to take the color away from scenic images.  Flowers, landscapes, water, etc. always feel right in color.  As I was preparing a number of images for a black and white series, I decided to give this beach shot a go.  I've found that as much as I like it in color, I now like it more in black and white.