Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Frog and the Hair

This post has nothing to do with photography. I was filling out my profile when I came to the random question and ran into a stumbling block. They only allow you to write 400 characters. Well, I'm long-winded and my answer didn't fit. So, I decided to make that question my first post.

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:
The Frog and the Hair
By: LaNita Adams

There once was a frog, a handsome frog that everyone adored. But, he had no hair on his nog. This made the frog sad because he suffered from insecurity and self-love issues. All of his friends said, "Frogs don't have hair." But, the frog didn't care. 

One day he was hopping along and saw a shop with a sign that said, "Change your look, re-vamp your style, be a whole new you!" The frog hopped inside and said, "Sir, I'd like some hair." The man looked at the frog and replied, "But sir, frogs don't have hair." The frog looked at him with sad eyes and turned to hop away when the man in the shop said, "But, you've come to the right place, hop right over to our fine selection of wigs." The frog hopped to the wig counter. He tried on long hair, short hair, blonde hair, brown hair and red hair. He tried them all on giggling happily with each selection. What to choose, what to choose the frog thought to himself when the man came from the back of the shop with one last wig. "Sir, I think this might be just the wig for you." The frog tried on the wig and smiled real big. "Oh thank you, this is the one!" The frog paid for his wig and hopped out of the store and waved goodbye to the shopkeeper. 

As he hopped along, people stopped to look at the smiling frog with the auburn afro. What a curious site he was. When he arrived back at the pond, his friends all gathered 'round asking where he got such lovely hair. The frog told them about the kind shopkeeper. The next morning, the shopkeeper arrived at his store to open for the day and to his surprise, he was greeted by a line that went around the block. He asked the first in line, "Dear frog, what may I do for you and all your friends?" "We've come to get hair, I'd like some way down to there," replied the frog. "Well, then by all means, hop right in, we'll get you some hair, some hair down to there. We'll get you all hair for no need to be bare. I suppose that fellow yesterday really wasn't so rare."

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